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Nyaki Punk Jewellery Handmade jewellery
Nyaki Punk Jewellery by Nicholas Guy Plunkett

Nicholas Guy Plunkett is the designer behind Nyaki Punk jewellery, showcasing a collection of designs for all moods styles and beliefs. His jewellery career started in Glasgow's famous Argyle Arcade working in a jewellery store, as a repair clerk. 
His love for design took him back to college, Epsom School of Art & Design near London studying Jewellery design & Silversmithing. 
After Art
School, working in Ireland & Scotland as an apprentice Goldsmith, before getting an opportunity to open up his own contemporary jewellery store. This has now developed into an online presence and through time and design moods, Nyaki Punk Jewellery has come to the surface.
Nyaki Punk Jewellery, where urban life meets jewellery design! Our collections are a vibrant fusion of city living, texture, and colourful gemstones. Discover unique pieces that capture the essence of urban living, crafted in the city to make a statement. Join us in celebrating the energy and diversity of city life through our unique textured vibrant jewellery creations. Explore our shop and find the perfect piece to express your individuality in the heart of the city.
Nyaki Punk Jewellery
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Nicholas Guy Plunkett

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